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Hello and Welcome!


We are more excited than ever about promoting Upper

Cervical Chiropractic Care with the development of our NEW

WEBSITE which is now interactive for patients and



Louella Harris, a patient, started the national awareness of this

little-known procedure 17 years ago. After an Upper Cervical

adjustment which dramatically changed her life she felt great

compassion for people in pain and this motivated her to inform

the public and now there is a much GREATER NATIONAL

AWARENESS! As you may or may not know there are many

potential benefits of this marvelous procedure. Arthritis and

Fibromyalgia sufferers often see great results.


Our new website will share OUR HISTORY of Upper Cervical

Advocacy and also our current inside reality, a part of which is

that we have the only second generation patient advocate of

Upper Cervical Care, Shannon Harris, who was conceived as a

direct result of an Upper Cervical adjustment. Her mother

launched the National Awareness Campaign for Upper Cervical

Care in 1994.


If you have an Organization, a Book, or a Seminar

which promotes Upper Cervical Care, email us to learn

how we will promote your material or event for FREE

on our website.


 If you are an Upper Cervical Doctor and would like to

be listed in our Doctor Directory and Interact on our

Website, please login using the form on the left hand

sidebar, and email us your clinic’s information.


We thank you for your patience during the re-structuring of

our informative, collaborative, new website. Features will be

added soon for doctors and patients including Profiles, Forums,

Testimonials and much more. Bookmark this page now and

check back soon.


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